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Basa #30/31: Housing and Territory


A decade ago, BASA published a double issue (20 + 21) that had housing as its central theme. After 10 years and 10 issues, we edited Housing and Territory, also in double format.

On this occasion we show the capacity of the house to build-destroy the territory in the Canary Islands. In the last 50 years, the transformation has been such that to analyze this urban construction process it is necessary to zoom.

Linking with the previous number, Domestic scenarios, we focus on understanding the territory as a setting, also linked to what Manuel Bote calls in his article “the spaces of living”. Through the zoom, it describes what is happening in metropolitan areas with a growth of the urban over the rural that a new periphery produces. Thus a spontaneous architecture appears, an architecture that has little to do with the projected and previously planned architecture.

Architecture interests us in its context. For this reason, we also take a leap of scale to present a part of the best residential and collective architectural production of the last 10 years and to ask ourselves what is the percentage of good architecture that is carried out in the Canary Islands —extendable to the rest of the populated areas of the planet.

We cannot understand the Canary Islands without taking into account these 2 phenomena, that of spontaneous architecture versus planned architecture.

Contributors: Jordi Borja, Manuel Delgado, Carmelo Padrón, José Luis Gago, Manuel J. Martín, Manuel Bote, Félix Juan Bordes, Agustín Juárez, Vicente Saavedra, Javier Díaz-Llanos, Carlos Schwartz, Manuel J. Feo, Juan Antonio González, Rosa Rull, Manul Bailo, Joaquín Casariego.

Director: Marina Romero

Editor: Ricardo Devesa

Creative director: Fernando Guerrero


Client: COACanarias
Date: 2008, March

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