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Talking Architecture 01: Fundació Sorigué


The Kiefer Pavilion, located in the industrial complex of the Sorigué Group, became, on the 24th Novembre, the meeting point for a debate of intellectuals from international architecture in order to discuss the new challenges facing global architecture.

South African Lindsay Bremner, Algerian Zine-EddineSeffadj, Chinese Li Xiangning, Dutch Kees Kaan and Italian John Palmesino, all from prestigious universities and firms from different countries, chaired by Ricardo Devesa, formed this meeting and expressed their individual experiences in order to find common objectives in global architecture. These reflections will be published periodically on the Sorigué Foundation website.

Two of the subjects discussed were the adaptation of contemporary architecture outside of an urban environment and the importance of local culture in international projects. The participants brought to the table their reflections on these and other issues from beyond purely European limits and explained their visions of architecture as an artistic discipline. They analyzed as well the importance of architecture in other disciplines like sociology, historical heritage, culture and environment.


Client: Fundació Sorigué
Date: 2013, November

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