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The Widest Vibration


What should I observe about an architectural design? This question, which critics ask ourselves as we prepare to write about a building, also applies to photographers as they prepare to document a project. What should I photograph? Its façades, details, unique spaces – in other words, its architectural conditions, like 99% of building photographs?  Very few photo essays and critical texts, however, set out to reveal a building’s relationships to its surroundings, which tend to be less obvious. Ultimately, in this case, as critic and photographer, we both set out to describe an object and the relationships it establishes with its environs. One through words, the other through images. And where the work is done in tandem, both readings are mutually enriched. That was the case here. In October 2017, as the editor of this book, I joined Jordi Bernadó on his photo shoot, and he joined me in the writing of this text


Client: Good Vibrations
Date: 2019, November

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