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Critical Prison Design


The publication shows the newly built Mas d’Enric penitentiary, that sparks a series of reflections on architecture’s role in the problematic subject of prison design. As the editor of this book, I intended to address two questions in my presentation: why has an entire book been dedicated to the penitentiary Mas d’Enric? and what should we expect from the book’s content?

Published by Actar Publishers, it has a long list of contributions: Roger Paez (author of the project as well as the book), Keller Easterling, Adrià Carbonell, Lluís Ortega, Juan Azulay, Juan Elvira, Ramon Faura, Èoghann MacColl, Camí, Angela Kay Bunning, Jordi Bernadó, José Hevia, Paula Arroyo.


Client: Actar Publishers
Date: 2014, April, 10

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