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Good Vibrations: Clichy Batignolles: Lot E8 & Parc 1


The Clichy-Batignolles stands as a new urban landscape liaison element, an essential urban portal along the peripheric territorial arc, just by the historic city.

The site thus becomes an important urban platform, a place of exchange in the relational-spaces web organization of Paris. It shall serve as connection point for the various territorial, urban, environmental, social and cultural scales.

The aim of the book comes from the relations that are given between both buildings done on the sustainable Clichy-Batignolles neighborhood in Paris built by Gausa-Raveau actarchitecture & Avenier-Cornejo Architectes. The concept and material display of the book arises because of the visual quakes that present the materiality of the two towers.Finally, the idea of vibration is given between the buildings and the environment.

Authors and contributors: Manuel Gausa, Ricardo Devesa, Andrew Ayers.

Photographers: Jordi Bernadó, Sergio Grazia, Thibaut Voisin


Client: Actar Publishers
Date: 2019, November

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