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Architecture & Time, through Photography


If architecture is understated as the discipline that operates on the space perceived in movement, and its aim is offering a frame for our life, is the time, therefore, the one that provides with sense the genuinely architectural fact. The photography, nevertheless, duplicates and immortalizes any object of a partial and incomplete way, since it captures only a certain instant of the spatial reality.

Then, is photographic image unable to register the temporary essence of an architectural space? There is not, this, perhaps, the real goal that any photographer of architecture would have to prosecute? To answer these questions were the aim of that course organized by the Institut d’Humanitats de Barcelona, held in CCCB, and the workshop associated to this in Palo Alto, with the photographer Jordi Bernadó as a tutor. Were also invited to lecturing Manolo Laguillo, Eduard Bru, Jordi Bernadó, Carles Puig, Jorge Yeregui, Paula Álvarez, Ramon Prat y Enric Ruiz-Geli.


Client: Institut d’Humanitats Barcelona
Date: 2013, April, 30


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