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Unexpected, Visiting Unit with Alberto Veiga


Giving life to a place is more than completing, in a simple way, a void within the urban plot. It presupposes interpreting, discovering and creating a new reality, which, starting from the existing, offers a future that can be significant and radical for the place.

The aim of the course was to reflect and discover these new realities, through a project located in the historic center of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), in a strongly characterized context that has taken shape over time. A place from which to generate scenarios that go beyond the tabula rasa and the conservative reinvention.

Intended to house a laboratory area and an exhibition area in which young artists can work and exhibit their work, the exercise had the objective, at the same time, to reflect about the character and necessary attitude of architecture in establishing a contemporary dialogue between past, present and future.

Visiting professor: Alberto Veiga (Barozzi-Veiga Architects)

Assistant: Marco Mosca


Client: ETSA La Salle, Universitat Ramon Llull
Date: 2019 October – 2020, January

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