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Theory and Contexts


Due to the Digital Revolution and shifts in the contemporary production of objects, a radical change of paradigms has occurred inside the field of architecture. These changes require to develop and lead a proper theory and methodologies that will be affecting the design and building culture.

The increase on the digital and technological capabilities are being tested in prototypes and small installations. These explorations challenge us to ask about why and for what of our designs and innovations, more than what and how they will become relevant at a larger scale of architecture and when will be assumed by the building industry.

The seminar “Theory and context” proposed to explore the intellectual, cultural, and operational approaches to answer those questions: why and for what. Besides, its intent was to guide the student throughout a personal research to build up his own theoretical framework. To achieve these goals, each student developed during all the year a theoretical research related with the rest of lectures, workshops and studios of the Master.

Following up the structure of the MRAC, this seminar was organized thematically under its three main topics for each term (Matter, Data, and Interactions). But at the same time, the seminar was focused on re-thinking the processes and meanings of Design, Assemblage and Making.


Client: IaaC, Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction
Date: 2018 October – 2019, June

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