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Basa #28: Canarias: Turismo y ficción


The Islands, as an idealized landscape, have served as a stage for the tourist industry. From the first promotional images to the current brochures of travel agencies, the landscape, along with the weather, are the main reasons for attraction and, after all, the main resource.

The Island-Paradise association, continually used in advertising, along with slogans such as “what luck living here”, makes us rethink this luck or fortune. Without being pessimistic and, much less, nostalgic, that fortune carries with it an “unfortunate”; referred to the lack of resources and, of course, remoteness and isolation. Both the one and the other have fostered a great creative capacity to generate wealth, first through agriculture and later with tourism. This ability is capable of originating new realities, but also false authenticities. One from the invention and the other from the lie, both are typical of the ambivalent concept of fiction. Notion of fiction in which this number is framed.

Contributors: Marc Augé, John Urry-Scoth Lash, Mark Wigley, José Miguel Iribas, William Curtis, GPY arquitectos, Félix de Azua, Luís López, Andrés Piñeiro, Joaquin Casariego – Elsa Guerra, Faustino García, Jordi Bernadó.

Director: Marina Romero

Editor: Ricardo Devesa

Creative Director: Fernando Guerrero


Client: COACanarias
Date: 2005, March

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