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Basa #29: Domestic Scenarios


Faced with the usual way of representing the domestic, uninhabited space, as a tasteless interior and with a style that aims to sell furniture that is generally foreign to its users, this number brings us closer to the house as a place where people live, eat, he sleeps, loves and discusses himself, where there will be people who “will be happy at times and, at times, will not be, a place where there is paradox, tragedy, pathos, boredom, love and lack of love”.

The house thus becomes a stage of daily life, an unfinished product, with an endless history, where others lived, where we keep our memories and our objects, which speak of us and which become an extension of us, an inhabitant projection.

Contributors: Ole Bouman, Manuel J. Martín, Iñaki Ábalos, José Morales, Robert Evren, Beth Yarnelle Edwards, Soledad Murillo, Flora Pescador, Magüi González, Cristina G. Vázquez, Elsa Guerra, M. Nieves Febles, Marina Romero, Teresa Arozena, Rem Koolhaas, Beatriz Colomina, Fernando Estévez, Joaquin Casariego, José Ángel Domínguez, Gunnar Knechtel, Ricardo Devesa, Isabel Peligero, María José Alcántara, David Cohn, Peter Christensen, Josep Lluis Mateo, Juan Cruz.

Director: Marina Romero

Editor: Ricardo Devesa

Creative director: Fernando Guerrero


Client: COACanarias
Date: 2006, March

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