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urbanNext: Expanding Architecture to Rethink Cities


urbanNext is a multiplatform aimed at developing, disse­minating and distributing content. It is centered on architecture through a focus on the contemporary human milieu, and our emer­gent urbanized environment on a global scale. Content is co-produced by a broad network of resear­chers, architects, urban planners, engineers, economists, sociologists, ecologists, anthropologists, investors, artists, journalists, cultural agents, entrepreneurs, professors, and citizens around the world. The material to the platform is posted in any of the 11 currently available formats (audiovisual, concepts, data, essays, forum, lectures, projects, publication, selfthink, talks, statements, photo survey).

My role as the editor-in-chief is to propose and manage content –provided by other authors, offices, researchers or self-generated—, and selecting projects that highlight this new operational framework, and co-work and stimulate the editorial team network.

urbanNext is an initiative promoted by Actar Publishers.


Client: Actar Publishers & urbanNext
Date: 2015, October, 22

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